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This software is free for amateur radio use. 
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Important news

KLog full version 2.1.2 is released on 21-Oct-2010.
Latest KLog country file (KLog-cty.dat) is included in full setup and isn't compatible with previous versions.
If you need some update for it, just send me email and I'll do it.

Also, I am looking for somebody to help with "big help" documentation for KLog.
Currently, there would be only English help, but hope to translate it later on other languages.

KLog supports packet with AGW Packet Engine by SV2AGW. You can download it here.

KLog have news list now on yahoo groups.  You can join it here.
Thanks to AC6V, eHam.net, DXZone.com and others for linking to this page.
If it's possible, put link on your page to this one.

Any questions, ideas, comments, suggestions etc. can be emailed to

Version 2.x Version 1.x
 Version 2.1.2 (full)  Version 1.2.47
 Version 2.1.5 (upgrade)  

Thanks for downloading KLog!

73 de Chris - 9A5K, K5CRO